We've worked at housing co-ops in the greater Toronto area for almost ten years.  We're experts in the daily business of co-operative housing management and can bring our housing experience and business experience to bear in solving your co-operative's most pressing issues.   



Almise Co-operative Homes Inc.                                     Heath Street Housing Co-operative

Cardiff Housing Co-operative Inc.                                   Lakeshore Village Artists' Co-operative

Church-Isabella Residents Co-operative                        La Paz Co-operative Homes Inc.

David B. Archer Co-operative Inc.                                   Las Americas Co-operative Homes Inc.

Don Area Co-operative Homes Inc.                                Niagara Neighbourhood Housing Co-op

Fieldstone Co-operative                                                    Spruce Court Co-operative Inc.

Forestwood Co-operative Homes Inc.                            Perth Avenue Housing Co-operative 



"Your updates are so happy and fun to read."


A community member responding to some creative communication materials that included both positive words and upbeat pictures. 

"I'm so glad you are here."


A community member said about Colette Shand's management:


"You got us a quorum and finally got our roofing project approved. We've been trying to get this done for years." 




T: 905-808-4508
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