We've managed co-ops both large and small - each one is unique.  Tell us what you need assistance with and we'll be able to add value to ensure the routine daily business is smoothly managed.  Special projects allow for expanding your co-op's functioning at a more professional level.  Communicating with members will grow your community's comfort and encourage member involvement.  This is a sample of some of our services... more are available on request.



Sometimes someone needs to hold the fort while changes are being made.  Take some time as a Board, to determine your longterm needs while the daily business continues. We'll hold the fort. 



Have software that you're not using? Could be a little training is needed. 

We'll get the lists, data, and details organized and train your staff.   NewViews, HmWorks, Yardi. 


Ready to upgrade your bookkeeping system?  We are specialists. 



Most co-ops are using a fraction of the web space they could be using to communicate with members!  There are so many ways your Board and staff could be sharing active information with members in a live format.  Newsletters and communications can help shift your community from uninformed to participating. 



Our experience is tough to beat.  We are ONPHA certified and happy to say our decisions have been endorsed by governing bodies.


 We follow the rules (all of them) and endeavour to make members feel respected throughout this extensive process.  For both federal and municipal co-ops. 




We have experience "washing in" the Housing Services Act into a coop's By-Laws.  By-Laws provide a firm foundation for staff to make democratic decisions on behalf of the Board.  Updates and merging and perging By-Laws are necessary from time to time to keep this foundation uncluttered and simple to understand - especially now with the new By-Laws from CHFC. 




Drowning in paper?  Hard for staff to find the time to clear the clutter?  Too much everywhere?  Take advantage of a fresh set of eyes and a wealth of experience with the best office set ups.  We'll recommend storage options for those minutes from the 80s and shredding for a/p files from the 90s and then get it to happen.



There is a lot to know about being a Board member.  We offer an introduction to the sector, basic meeting dynamics, and handling member expectations;  agendi setting and team building;   goal setting and trust. 


We would be happy to help you with Board succession planning and turnovers.





Innovation is exciting and we would like to help.  Let us know what you'd like to do better in your co-op and we'll work with you to design a solution based on our extensive experience.  




When tensions run high, aboriginal restorative justice talking circles are an option to consider for building community.   We can talk to you about this way of creating stronger community in your co-op if you have some strong leaders who want to make positive change.   





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